chinesse baby


A child carried by his grand-mother on the streets of Kandze. He wears pants with a slit, so he doesn't need nappies. He also wears a capon which tiger "ears" have been sewn: this tiger hat keeps away the bad spirits that pry on children.

Right: The bus stops for a pee-stop on the roof of the world

bus stop

4x4 trip to Romse:

Our driver walks ahead to reconnoitre in the hopes of avoiding to be bogged down for the umpteeth time.

jeep trip

Portrait of the nomadic family who welcomed us. Most men were away with the herd.

Portraits of women:

When Tibetan women stick their tongue out, they are saluting you. Their naturally red cheeks still get some make-up. A gold tooth is jewellry, not the sign of bad teeth at all. This young girl is proud to be wearing her mother's stones; someday they will be hers.

nomad family
sticking tongue outtibetan jewellerytraditionnal finery
  tibetan headdress nomad child

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